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Ian Book, Fighting Irish, 2021 Saints Rookie QB (1 Viewer)


Conducted a diligent search, and could find no Player Thread.

Is he worthy of one?

I'm thankful, and you should be, too, that I didn't title the Thread: "What's the book on Ian Book?"

In his post-Draft article, Bloom said something to the effect of Sean Payton sees himself in Book. Sounds like a good thing to me.

Saints homers, et al...how's he looking? Is he a prospect worth holding? Situation certainly seems so. I picked him up in the last round of Rookie/UFA Draft and can put him on Practice Squad for up to 3 years.

What say you, Pool?



I have Ian on my taxi squad and think of him as a dart throw to ever making that off of there vs. sending him to free agency at the end of his eligibility to remain on there.

I'm a Notre Dame fan, so I watched Ian his whole college career. He's a scrambler who can throw decent in short to mid range. His deep ball definitely leaves something to be desired, so when the Saints drafted him I thought to myself if he could work to improve his accuracy, he'd be less of a shock to the Saints' transition from Brees' dink and dunk approach that'd also seem to fit Ian well.

He escapes well, but we used to criticize him most for giving up on a play too early and taking off from the pocket. If Payton can eliminate some of his happy feet and get him comfortable in the pocket and not think he'll come in and toss it deep, there could be something there, but I was surprised he went as high in the draft as he did. I'm hoping the draft capital means what Payton says it means and maybe we'll get a shot to see what he can do with good coaching helping him become a pro.


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