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Idea for Footballguys site: Add Coaches profile (1 Viewer)


(forgive me if this is already a feature or if im posting this in wrong forum)

... a new coach/coordinator gets hired by a team and the first thought is always ..."Whats their coaching history in regards to fantasy production?" "What offensive philosophy/tendenacies are they bringing to their new team?" "What fantasy stars did they produce in their offense?" "What were those players ranked and the team offensively/defensively?"

Of course theres countless articles on these coaching changes and the potential impact they might have on their new teams but it would be nice to just see the raw data and numbers in an instant. Of course inputting the data would take some time but ... being able to say at the snap of a button, ..."show rbs sorted by fantasy pts who played for coordinator 'x' from 2000-2014." ..would be a nice addition to the data dominator database.

I know pro-football-reference has coaching profiles but they dont tie in the fantasy aspect of it.


I love this idea and would add that it's relevant even to coaches who haven't changed teams.

For example, my understanding of Marvin Lewis is that he wants a balanced offense. So the addition of Eifert and Bernard doesn't mean that Andy Dalton is suddenly going to have 600+ attempts. He'll hopefully have better attempts and may boost his stats that way, but maybe the Bengals will simply have a more efficient passing game and win more as a result.

At the very least the site could add little introductory paragraph at the beginning of the already excellent team reports. But I also like your idea of speaking more directly to fantasy production.

Carry on!


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