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Idea: Reflection Podcast (1 Viewer)

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I've been listening to the FBG podcasts for over 5 years now and (of course) am a huge fan. But amidst all the projection, I feel like something that is really lacking is reflection. I would love to see a podcast or a series of podcasts at some point during the offseason that is specifically designed to look back at last year's projections and analyze what came true and what didn't, and how we can learn from these past projections to make better our future ones.

I assume that most/all of the Footballguys do this on a yearly basis anyway, but it would be awesome if they could put it in podcast form so that everybody else could listen in!

(Also, I realize that it might be too late for such a podcast this year since we are already post-draft, but could this please be considered for next year?)

Regardless, I love what you guys already do on a regular basis--keep up the good work!


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