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IDP - CB mainly, but any return guys needed (1 Viewer)


anyone have an idea who, as a DB, returns kicks full time? our league plays IDP and includes KO / Punt Return yardage exactly the same as a WR would acquire points - 1 pt per 10 yrds REC/ KO or PUNT returni have been searching all week and unable to find a comprehensive list.so far i have (mix between this year's and last)azumah, Chicagopac man jones, TENBuchannon - HOU (is he returning?)mcgee - BUFCox - TBRossum - ATLare these guys still returning kicks, and if so, is there anyone else out there i should know about? thanks in advance

is this the wrong forum? imma n00b and really thought i was posting in the IDP forum.moderators, i apologize in advance for i have been unable to figure out (as a minimum admin access user) how to move it and didn't wanna re post

Right forum - holiday weekend.One plae to checks is Ourlads: www.ourlads.comTheir depth charts include returners, and you'll be able to see what poition those guys normally play.


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