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IDP Dynasty League - Need 2 good replacement owners (1 Viewer)


I'm looking for 2 replacement owners for a free IDP Dynasty League on Nfl.com
We keep 18 players each year (10 offensive and 8 defensive)
We have a good active league, but unfortunately lost 2 players this season.
If anyone wants to join or wants more info contact me or post here. Thanks
Team 1 has pick 3 in the draft, Team 2 has pick 2 in the draft.
Some of the players on the teams available are
Team 1:
1. Calvin Johnson, WR-DET
2. Robert Griffin III, QB-WAS
3. Josh Freeman, QB-TB
4. Brandon Myers, TE-NYG
5. Marshawn Lynch, RB-SEA
6. Dwayne Bowe, WR-KC
7. Darren Sproles, RB-NO
8. Heath Miller, TE-PIT
9. DuJuan Harris, RB-GB
10. Wesley Woodyard, LB-DEN
11. Quintin Mikell, DB-
12. NaVorro Bowman, LB-SF
13. Carlos Dunlap, DL-CIN
14. Michael Boley, LB-
15. Michael Crabtree, WR-SF
16. Michael Bennett, DL-SEA
17. Reshad Jones, DB-MIA
18. Shayne Graham, K-CLE

Team 2:
1. Michael Vick, QB-PHI
2. Danny Amendola, WR-NE
3. DeMarco Murray, RB-DAL
4. Andre Brown, RB-NYG
5. Percy Harvin, WR-SEA
6. Mike Williams, WR-TB
7. A.J. Hawk, LB-GB
8. BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB-CIN
9. Alfred Morris, RB-WAS
10. Eric Decker, WR-DEN
11. Jason Witten, TE-DAL
12. London Fletcher, LB-WAS
13. Justin Smith, DL-SF
14. Larry Foote, LB-PIT
15. Ryan Kerrigan, LB-WAS
16. Dan Connor, LB-NYG
17. Jason McCourty, DB-TEN
18. Jairus Byrd, DB-BUF

We start:
Quarterback:1 (Min 1)
Running Back:2 (Min 2)
Wide Receiver:2 (Min 2)
Tight End:1 (Min 1)
Wide Receiver / Running Back:1
Kicker:1 (Min 1)
Defensive Line:2 (Min 2)
Linebacker:2 (Min 2)
Defensive Back:2 (Min 2)
Flex IDP:1

Scoring is:
Passing Yards:1 point per 25 yards
Passing Touchdowns:6 points
Interceptions Thrown:-2 points
Rushing Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Rushing Touchdowns:6 points
Receptions:0.5 points
Receiving Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Receiving Touchdowns:6 points
Kickoff and Punt Return Yards:1 point per 25 yards
Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns:6 points
Fumble Recovered for TD:6 points
Fumbles Lost:-2 points
2-Point Conversions:2 points
PAT Made:1 point
FG Made 0-19:3 points
FG Made 20-29:3 points
FG Made 30-39:3 points
FG Made 40-49:3 points
FG Made 50+:5 points

Individual Defensive Players
Tackle:1 point
Assisted Tackles:0.5 points
Sack:3 points
Defense Interception:3 points
Forced Fumble:2 points
Fumbles Recovery:2 points
Touchdown (Interception return):6 points
Touchdown (Fumble return):6 points
Touchdown (Blocked kick):6 points
Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT):3 points
Safety:3 points
Pass Defended:1 point
Interception Return Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Fumble Return Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Tackles for Loss Bonus:1 point
QB Hit:0.5 points
Sack Yards:1 point per 10 yards
10+ Tackles Bonus:5 points
2+ Sacks Bonus:2 points
3+ Passes Defended Bonus:2 points
50+ Yard INT Return TD Bonus:1 point
50+ Yard Fumble Return TD Bonus:1 point


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