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IDP dynasty league opening (1 Viewer)


I have one (for sure), possibly 2, openings in an IDP dynasty league.  30 man rosters, 16 teams, 5 IR, 5 taxi, blind bid then FAAB weekly. 8 offense players, 7 defense, flex on both (1 WR-RB-TE on O, 1 DE/DT, LB CB/S on D).  Annual dues are $40.   

Here is a link to the league: https://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/31158

New owners will do a dispersal draft (2 have already joined) .  Open teams are listed as “dispersal teams”, 4th possible dispersal team roster is Soul Snatchers (this would be the 2nd team opening).

Openings are first come first serve.

Any questions or if you want to join please email me: r a w l u k 2 0 1 0 @ h o t m a i l  DOT com  .  Do not reply to this posting, email please.  Thanks!


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