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IDP dynasty league openings (1 Viewer)


I have 2 openings in a dynasty IDP league, 16 team leagues. 30 man rosters, 5 IR, 5 TS. 15 starters, 7 IDP. There are a total of 5 teams that will participate in a dispersal draft. The league has great team parity and there are no powerhouse franchises.

The rosters involved can be found here: https://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2019/ ... 31158&O=07 
They are teams listed as "dispersal teams" and one called "waterboys" (a new owner who has already renamed his franchise). Both of the Super Bowl teams from last year are part of the dispersal draft, so lots of high end talent in the draft pool. Great group of owners too.

During the off season, owners will be discussing, as is normal, any changes they may want to see in the league this year so there will likely be a few minor tweaks here and there to things like roster size and scoring tweaks. $40 annual dues, first paid first to play!  Email: r a w l u k 2 0 1 0 @  h o t m a i l   DOT   com

I'm interested in one of the teams, if still available. You can send me a invite at sundaysandman@gmail.com

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