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IDP Gurus- OLB/DE SF Parys Haralson (1 Viewer)

varmint cong

he had a pretty good wk1 with 4 ttk and 2.5 sacks, just need some info on him. Presents great value if he is designated as a D-lineman, similar role to LB manny lawson?

ESPN has a lot of screwy player designations. You can take major advantage of it. There's actually guys that I would target more for this:

Travis Laboy--DE

Thomas Davis--S

Calvin Pace--DE

Here's a new one in CB-required leagues: Mike Adams--CB

Risky, but probably worth the risk if you're hurting at DL.

Little early to tell for certain if this is the light going on for Haralson, or if it was a product of the primo matchup against the Statue That Holds The Ball Forever (i.e. Kurt Warner). There are always a couple of rush OLBs that come out of nowhere early. A couple of good games can do a lot for a guy's confidence and the Niners could get a lot of pass rush chances again this week. It's probably better to be early than late getting him if he has another good game this week.

All of this assumes a sack heavy system. He's still got little value in a tackle heavy system.


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