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***IDP HELP*** Help at DB, PLEASE (1 Viewer)

Nathan R. Jessep

Playing a pretty evenly matched team... Start 5 DB'sPolamalu, K. Rhodes, & C. Tillman are my studs...I have to choose the other 2 from these choices:D. SharperA. WinfieldB. SandersWho would you take into the semifinal matchup?Scoring is as follows:Tackle = 2ptsAssist = 1ptSack = 10ptsINT = 10ptsFF = 10ptsFumble Rec. = 10ptsPass Defended = 1ptAlso get points for kick/punt return YARDS and TDsT-I-A

Sharper's a no-brainer, even above Rhodes and Polamalu. Sanders gets my other vote.BTW, all season I had Rhodes, Sanders, Tillman, and Sharper in a start-3 DB league. Sharper and Tillman blew the other two away in scoring.


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