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@Hankmoody I know this post doesn't belong here, but hear me out. Most of us are in a set number of leagues and we're not necessarily looking for a new league, but a new league can spark our interest if there's something different about it. This could be that league. I wanted the IDP guys to get a look at it before I start recruiting in the general public.

If you're interested, check it out: http://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/65916#0 Going into our third year, it's set up like English Premier League. It started with 48 teams. We split them up into 16 team tiers based on the quality of the teams. Every year, the bottom 4 teams of every tier get demoted to the tier below while the top 4 teams get promoted to the tier above. We added a 16 team tier after Season 1. We'll have a few orphans this offseason and we'll add another 16 team tier. This league is very active and a lot of fun. It's got a dedicated slack channel. The 6 round rookie draft took over three weeks last year. This year, it's going to take over a month. The league is $50 a year, LeagueSafe. It's full IDP. Starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 SFlex, 1 Flex, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S and 1 DFlex. Scoring is set up to try and make every position useful. You can check out all the bylaws here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n2GkOE787LyjTlsrjgoh9pLGvfFY4urySv3YT7Jg0r8/edit?usp=sharing

As for adding new/orphan teams, the orphan teams will have a dispersal draft. We'll have a google sheet of all the available players/2018 rookie picks once teams have confirmed they're gone. It's really easy to make a team your own when you've got 63 potential trade partners (soon to be 79). I'm pretty sure two owners who took over orphans last year actually earned promotion. For the new tier, we add an extra copy of every player for every 16 teams in the league. So the new tier will have a startup draft immediately after the NFL draft. Once the startup draft and the rookie draft are complete, we'll merge the new tier with the existing league and have an 80-team league. The new tier starts at the bottom. If you're impatient about moving up, the FA Cup is a tournament that happens during the regular season among teams from all tiers. The FA Cup Champion wins automatic promotion to the Premier League. If you start in the new tier and don't get promoted year 1, keep in mind, the best 4 teams from the new tier will be replaced by the worst 4 teams in the league. Also, draft picks are set up by tier so the lower tiers are guaranteed the best draft picks. So in a league with 5 copies of every player, the new tier would get the equivalent of 1.01 through 1.03 rookie draft picks.

This is obviously for someone who will be in it for the long haul, however. The Premier League Champion winnings definitely make it worthwhile. If you have any questions, let me know. If you're interested in joining, send me an email at glaser.ben@gmail.com.

I've played in this concept league before, except they kept a wait list and the bottom 4 of the bottom division were invited out of the bracket haha.  They had to wait one year minimum before getting back in.  That was when I was way overextended on leagues and it was redraft and wasn't IDP so I only lasted one year.  I didn't advance but I didn't get booted either.


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