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IDP Rookie Draft (1 Viewer)

Other option is too detailed, so I will stick with analysis of the three you outlined. I think Moats or Morency because of the situations and because both dominated at the college level. Moats could be the man next year with Westbrook's contract situation in Philly and I'm not sold on CB. Also, Domanick Davis is a little bit injury prone, and Wells and Hollings have proven that they are not strong #2s. It is too bad that Morency is older--25 I think.Jacobs has some upside and is a physical speciman, but Tiki is firmly implanted in NY, however he will likely start deteriorating and BJ will definitely be a good short yardage back. Confusing, huh?Assuming you want a RB, my take is:1) Moats2) Morency3) Jacobs


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