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IDP Start-up ONLY 9 Teams Left!- 16 Team Salary Dynasty League, &# (1 Viewer)


Are you looking for a first-class dynasty league that offers the most realistic approach possible to being the general manager of a NFL Franchise at an affordable price? No Real Winners Dynasty League will offer just that featuring:

-16 teams, 4 divisions.-53 man rosters, 10 man taxi squad, IR, etc..

-Balanced PPR Scoring-23 starters, balanced between offensive positions, defense IDP, and a head coach.

-Salary Caps & variable length contracts (1 to 5 years) for all players on your roster. -Apply Franchise Tags, Transition Tags, ect

-8 Round Rookie Draft yearly

-Annual Free Agent Auction every August. Waiver Wire

-Build a Dynasty and Qualify for the DYNASTY Prize.

-100% Prizes paid out minus cost to run MFL Software.

The league fees will be just $35 a year. 100% of year 1 fees and 100% of year 2 fees will be required when league forms ($70). Each year after, each team must prepay the following year’s 100% deposit. So each team will always be prepaid 100% of the following season, at all times. This prevents any chance of collapse, critical in a dynasty leagues.

This is the only league we will be doing. Looking for serious managers only who will stand by the team they build. If you are interested send me your email address with a brief rundown of your FF experience, as we are looking for experienced players only who will stick by their teams for years to come. Again I can’t stress this enough, we want serious managers only who will remain in this league long term.

If you are interested send me a message with your email as the league is filling up fast. I will then email you the league info and you can decide if this is the league for you.


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