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IDP Strong Plays Week #6 (1 Viewer)


"DB Cleveland Browns (@ Baltimore): CB Gary BaxterThe Ravens only rank #16 on the year in fantasy points allowed to opposing DBs and 12th over their past 3 games, but those numbers hide the fact that they've given up a ton of points over the past 2 weeks. Last week against the Lions, 3 different DBs finished with 6 or more fantasy points including 18.5 from Dre Bly who intercepted 2 passes, forced a fumble, and scored a TD. This will be the first chance for Gary Baxter to face his former team, and if he's matched up against Derrick Mason as expected, he should see plenty of action. Baxter is a very solid tackler who has been a quality start in all 3 games played this year, so he looks like a strong play this week. SS Chris Crocker is the #2 scorer among fantasy DBs this year so he's a must start regardless of matchup. FS Brian Russell has only been a quality start in 1 of 4 games played so far and is not a very good tackler, making him a risky play. CB Daylon McCutcheon is a solid sleeper choice this week as he's been surprisingly productive all year with 22 solo tackles, 2 INTs, and a FF. "I benched Boulware in favor of Baxter because I was unsure about the impact of his week #6 injury, and because of Rudnicki's strong play article. This move turned a loss into a win for me. Thank you!! :clap:

You should be benching Boulware anyway - he's not getting the opportunities and is averaging about 3-1-0 every week.

Baxter is not a world beater either. I am always struggling to bench a high draft pick in favor of a backup especially if the backup is not playing at a very high level.Maybe Hamlin's injury will change things for Boulware. I am not sure yet if it's good or bad for Boulware however.

with the steelers running the ball as often as they are... Take anybody who can add up the tackles


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