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LB Houston Texans (@ Seattle): ILB Kailee Wong, ILB Morlon Greenwood

The Seahawks rank #27 in fantasy points allowed to opposing LBs this year, but are 31st over their past 3 games. Despite the injury to Darrell Jackson and strong performance of Shaun Alexander, LBs facing them simply haven't done very much. Both Texans ILBs came into the season with pretty high expectations given the previous success of Jamie Sharper and Jay Foreman in the same system. While they've both shown some flashes this year, neither has emerged as a guy you can start every week with confidence yet. Wong leads the team in tackles (21 solos, 12 assists), but he's only been a quality start in 2 of the 4 games played. Greenwood has fewer fantasy points but has been a quality start in 3 straight games. One or both could still manage to have good games, but it's hard to know which one and neither should blow up against this matchup. OLB Antwan Peek probably hasn't done enough this year to warrant a start, and the other OLB position has been even less productive.

Just looked at all the SEA games and the LB are averaging about 8-9 solos a gome. How is that a weak play????

Week 1: JAX

M. Peterson 4-0

D. Smith 4-1 INT

Week 2: ATL

D Williams 10-2

K Brooking 5-3 SK

E Hartwell 5-3

Week 3:ARI

L Hill 5-1 SK

Sharper 3-2

Latupu 1-2

Week 4: WAS

L Marshall 7-0 SK

M Washington 4-0

Week 5: STL

Pisa T 7-0

D Coakley 3-0

I see this game being 28-3 at the half. Don't you think the SEA RB's going up the middle the whole 2nd half. This seems like the perfect time to play both Greenwood and Wong!!!

Am I wrong?

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Just looked at all the SEA games and the LB are averaging about 8-9 solos a gome. How is that a weak play????
Week 3, the Seahawks had 37 rush attempts, and the Cardinals starting LBs finished with:SLB K.Danbsy: 5 solo, 4 asstMLB L.Towns: 4 solo, 0 asstWLB O.Huff: 8 solo, 3 asstTotal: 17 solos, 7 asstWeek 4, the Seahawks had 23 rush attempts, and the Redskins starting LBs finished with:SLB M.Washington: 4 solo, 0 asstMLB L.Marshall: 7 solo, 0 asstWLB W.Holdman: 1 solo, 0 asstTotal: 12 solos, 0 asstWeek 5, the Seahawks had 30 rush attempts, and the Rams starting LBs finished with:SLB P.Tinoisamoa: 7 solo, 0 asstMLB C.Claiborne: 2 solo, 0 asst WLB: B.Chillar: 2 solo, 0 asst?LB: D.Coakley: 3 solo, 0 asstTotal: 14 solos, 0 asstThe MLBs have combined for about 13 solo tackles the past 3 weeks against this Seahawks team.Like I said, it's entirely possible that one of the ILBs will have a good game this week, but it's hard to know which one it will be ahead of time and I don't think either are going to wind up with a big game.In evaluating the matchups, I rely mainly on the stats and my stats indicate that the Seattle offense has been a very bad matchup for opposing LBs lately.Regardless, you should always go with what you feel most comfortable with when setting your lineups, as my predictions are far from perfect. Wong/Greenwood may be good enough to buck the recent trend...especially if the Seahawks run the ball as often as they did in the game against Arizona.
Seahawks got a big lead as expected and wound up with 42 rushing attempts. Wong wound up leaving the game early with an injury, and that certainly helped Greenwood have a huge game tonight (9 solo, 3 asst).Clearly, the rush attempts from the offense are a huge factor in LB production. Unfortunately, the Seahawks don't always commit to their running game as much as they should, which can lead to some inconsistent LB production against them.Hope my analysis didn't scare too many people away from Greenwood, but it may have helped some people avoid getting burned by the Wong injury.


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