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IDP team review (1 Viewer)


First time IDP’er. 12 team league had a six round rookie draft and veteran auction (active roster cap is $20K). Here is my defensive squad (and salaries) with scoring system below. Any thoughts on strengths and weaknesses?

DL: J. Taylor-700, K. Udeze-285, R. Hayward-200, J. Babineaux -100

LB: W. Witherspoon-800, M. Greenwood-700, K. Wong-350, Colby Bockwoldt -185, Channing Crowder-225 (Development Squad)

DB: E. Reed-1050, M. Boulaware-500, W. Demps-200, M. Rumph-100, Sean Considine-140 (Development Squad), Marviel Underwood-100 (Development Squad)


6pts: per TD Return (Fumble / Interception / blocked Field Goal / blocked Punt), per Safety

4pt: per Blocked field goal/punt, per full Sack, per Fumble recovery, per Interception

2pts: per Sack, per Forced Fumble, per Tackle

1pt per: Assisted tackle, per deflected pass

.05pts per return yard (Interception / Fumble)

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