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If Foles Remains Philly's Starter, What's His ROS Outlook? (1 Viewer)


If Foles ends up keeping the starting gig in Philadelphia, what numbers do you expect to see on average weekly going forward? Where do you think he'd rank QB-wise? Top 5?

Philly's next two opponents have Swiss cheese passing defenses.

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I picked him up this week as insurance as Vick is my back-up to RG3. I don't think I would put him top 5, but he is a fantasy starter in a 12 teamer. I would like to see what he can do against a good defense, otherwise he may just be a guy you can plug and play based on matchup.

as a wisw person once said, "Foles might not have Vick's running abilities, but he's proving to have little problems operating Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense and could keep the starting job when Vick is healthy, if he continues to perform well and averages 27.7 Fantasy points per week... he's a keeper"


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