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If Hilton plays...Hilton or Gronk? (1 Viewer)


1/2 PPR. Worried that Hilton may be active and then have a really low floor and lay an egg. Strange to think that Gronk is safer but wondering...

If both go, do I dare bench HIlton?

Thanks for input...

I have Hilton in my league and I would go Hilton. He is the highest rated WR since week 11. He put up 200 yards last week and was questionable then too. I know Dallas has a better d than what he faced last week. You must have some really good “other” options if you are in a position to be able to consider benching one of these guys. I will ask this.. are you favored to win? If you need the floor, maybe go Gronk, but if you need ceiling points (underdog) I would go hilton.

I'm slightly favored because the other guy has KAllen...but I also have Gurley to worry about. My dilemma is that I see both Hilton and Gronk as low floor/high ceiling (hilton due to this injury and Gronk due to the way this year has gone). I guess the floor is more important because I really don't want to play somebody who is going to lay an egg...of course we all hate it when somebody goes off on the bench. I drafted them both to start and be studs, but Gronk has had a down year (for him) so I've had to make a tough call on him every week. Appreciate all the help, If anybody else has a thought I'm all ears!

If TY is healthy I think you have to ride him. He's been hot, and the Pats will be in a dog fight with Pitt, which could mean low scoring affair. 

Drop a vote on my lineup poll if possible: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/773208-foles-vs-d-cook/


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