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If I told you Tenn, Buffalo, and NYG would be only undefeated teams go (1 Viewer)

Which team is the last to remain undefeated?

  • Buffalo Bills

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  • New York Giants

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  • Tennessee Titans

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This has been a pretty "odd" year in the extreme shifts in power so far, both among specific teams but as well as the NFC and AFC. This is not to mention some of the "odd" things so far in the fantasy world, particularly the huge underperformance of many elite WR's.

So, who's the last of these 3 "powerhouses" to remain undefeated?

sorry no link because I just heard this on local AM radio on the way into work this morning...

as a fan I was pumped this morning

After congratulating his team after Sunday's win over the Vikes, Fisher gave the ENTIRE Titan team off on Monday and told them he would see them on Tuesday - no weights, no film study, no conditioning

Almost EVERY Titan showed up Monday anyways to lift and watch film of this week/next week

they sound hungry to me

as a coach in real life, the one team I had that I had to practically kick out of the gym daily went 33-1

gianmarco said:
So, who's the last of these 3 "powerhouses" to remain undefeated?
Interesting question. Giants have a pretty soft schedule in the next few weeks, with SEA, @CLE, and SF in the next three weeks before going to Pittsburgh and hosting Dallas. Of course, the fact that they have to play in week 6 automatically puts them at a disadvantage to BUF and TEN in the "Who stays undefeated the longest" competition. Also will be missing Burress next week (and maybe more?)Bills have what I think will be a tough game @ ARI this week before their bye. Then after the bye they have SD, @MIA, NYJ, and @NE, not an easy stretch by any means.Titans are @ BAL in their last game before the bye, then go to Kansas City before hosting Indy and Green Bay. All tough games.I wouldn't put any money on a prop like this, but if you put a gun to my head I think I'd go with the Titans. I think they have a slightly better chance of making it to week 8 undefeated than do the other two teams.

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