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If you could steal one band/artists catalogue of songs for yourself, which band would you choose (1 Viewer)


With @krista4 finishing up her legendary Beatles thread and @Joe Bryant posting the trailer for the Yesterday movie, it got me thinking.

If you could make one band or artist go away or never exist and then take all of their material for yourself, which band would it be?


it's my music to sell? 

I'm going with MJ, Madonna, maybe Stones.. whomever sold the most and had writing credits.

or is this a "who's your favorite musical act" kinda thing? 

Assuming I could have the talent too. Basically, what band's career would I like to have?

All time: Rolling Stones. 

Current: Avett Brothers.

The Eagles.  I love Rush and Metallica, but the Eagles songs are so smooth and you can go 40 deep and still have good tunes.  If it was in the 2000s, Linkin Park.  But for all time got to go with the Eagles.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Except for the early death thing, yes. 

Alternate - Iron Maiden:

- been kicking out albums for 40+ years

- touring over the same amount of time

- influence to bands on the genre across the board 

- music, in terms of Metal, has been good/great for an entire career 

- success comercially, despite a lack of airplay during the heyday of AOR and MTV 

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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Nice choice. High on my list.

I saw him live on his final tour. He is the only person who has ever covered Voodoo Child (Slight Return) to my satisfaction...but, what do I know?

Leading to my choice -----> Jimi Hendrix

If I am going to be totally honest with myself, I think Stevie was the better guitarist, but Jimi was Jimi...and that's it for me. ;)


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