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If You Had a Choice - Sutton or A. Miller (1 Viewer)

Which WR?

  • Courtland Sutton

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Anthony Miller

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters


If you had a choice between C. Sutton or A. Miller, who would you want on your FF team? 

League parameters are Dynasty - 12 teams, no PPR, standard scoring, can start 3 WRs in a 1 Q - 1 R - 2 W - 1 T - 1 flex, with K/D format.  

I ask this question as I am having difficulty with letting one of these WRs go (won't tell which one) withing a trade offer.  

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Sutton. There are too many weapons in Chicago, and they spread the ball around a lot. Robinson, Burton, Gabriel, and Cohen. too many mouths to feed for me. 

DT just got released, and Flacco is an improvement until Denver figures out what they hell they are doing at QB. Sanders is the only thing between Sutton and decent to good sophomore production. 

Let the trade offers dictate which one you let go.  Offer up both and take the best offer you receive. 

All things being equal,  I would rather have Sutton as I think he has the biggest upside due to less mouths to feed in Denver. 


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