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If you had your league draft today.... (1 Viewer)


Imagine you are in a 12 team league and had your draft today, knowing what you do after two weeks of the season.

Which player(s) would you add to the first round selections that weren't a first round pick before the season started?

And conversely, which player(s) would fall out of the first round?

Obviously Brady wouldn't be drafted, so don't bother to mention him.

Willie Parker--looking like the man in steel town

Thomas Jones-- might be a reach but no lower than a mid second rounder to me

what's the point of this thread? just look at a top 100/200 player rankings, by FBG, by Yahoo!, etc.... divide by 12

Pre-season top 12:

1. LT

2. Peterson

3. Westy

4. SJax

5. Addai

6. Brady

7. Gore

8. Barber

9. Moss

10. Lynch

11. Portis

12. LJ

Current top 12:

1. Peterson +1

2. Westy +1

3. Barber +5

4. Lynch +6

5. LT -4

6. Portis +5

7. FWP

8. Gore -1

9. SJax -5

10. Addai -5

11. Bush

12. Turner

So, out are Brady, Moss & LJ....replaced by FWP, Bush & Turner.

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Jay Cutler.
This is why we wait on selecting a QB...I am in 2 12 teamers and 1 10 teamer and own his as my QB1 in all...best part is I have Eli Manning and Rivers as my backups...Call it QBBC or just being the guy that takes a QB at position 10-12 and 14-16, but it is working out well this year...everything is coming up Millhouse, baby!!!!!

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