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16 round draft completed, now have to cut Roster down to 15 by next thursday. Keeper league for up to 3 seasons.

non-ppr 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flex 1TE K&DST ; The 2 players to decide to drop are between

Ekeler or Kittle.. I have Jordan Reed as the starter.. other RB's are (Zeke/Howard/Henry/Ajayi/Clement)

Best Available TE's on Waviers are: ASJ, Hooper, Gesicki, Wilson.

Best Available non TE's, in my eyes, include: Mariota, Anthony Miller, Locket, Meredith.. 

Rest of my WR roster (Kupp, Watkins, Corey Davis, Cole, AJ Green)

So... drop Kittle or Ekeler and leave the rest as is. Or drop both and pick up some mentioned above.. (my only QB as of now is Russell W)


I ended up trading Kupp for a 2019 draft pick swap his 9th for my 11th.. Bottom line is I had roughly 4 WR's that all shared a similar ranking, and since i'm only starting 1 of them next to AJ Green, that was the position I needed to cut.. I like Kupp, easy to root for type of player. But at least I got a little something vs just dropping him outright next week.  


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