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I'm looking for a dynasty. (1 Viewer)


I'm new to dynasty but committed. Looking for a group, preferably 12 team dynasty, that I can play with year to year and enjoy talking to about the league. I dont mind a played league but can't do expensive (i.e. 300 and above) I dont mind taking over a team or starting from scratch. Willing to put in the work. Let me know if my dream team is out there. 

I am running a College football style league where there are 6 smaller leagues(conferences) that ultimately make up one big 70 team league with a 16 team playoff and bowl games. It is superflex, IDP, PPR with 1.5 for TE and most of all, going to be a lot of fun. Each conference has it's own individual chat as well as it's own drafts.

Here are the bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13OV0SupgFXjCXUnjcXWIZyFJFheZUzETntqJNJWiUnw/edit?usp=sharing

Email me at Wmthmps1@gmail.com if you are interested.

A lot of schools are available.

I have a 12 team league $75 a year with IDP, PPR Salary Cap, Contracts, with RFA, Holdouts, Rookie Draft and URFA.

The RFA and URFA is a auction format, but other then that it's not. The salary cap increases each year and so does the player salaries. 

The link to the league is below and the team is Spread Eagle Strippers. Let me know if you might have an interest.

PM me or email me at recruitingcoop@gmail.com

I am looking for replacement owners in two long running leagues for 2019.  League fees are through Leaguesafe and the entry fee is $200, but in 2019 it is only $100 for someone taking over a replacement team.  If interested, I can email you the constitutions and teams available.  Email me at schmitmatt@hotmail.com for details.  

Startup, $50 12 team .5 ppr, idp (most likely)

deschenesalexander@gmail.com for full rules if Interested.

These Teams are available in Yahoo Keeper League. The League has been in existence sine 2011it is very competitive with no cost to join. This will be the first year  the league will have a trophy for the winner. Don't expect to come into this league and think you can win it right away because the standards have been set by the teams that have been in this league. Here is the team.

Team 1

Ben Roethlisberger, Lamar Miller, Deshaun Watson, Mike Evans, Cole Beasley, Randall Cobb, Michael Crabtree, Evan Engram, Adam Humphries, Dion Lewis, Doug Martin, Latavius Murray, Kyle Rudolph, Chris Boswell, Los Angeles, Washington.

Team 2

Dak Prescott, Sterling Shepard, Allen Robinson II, DeAndre Hopkins, Saquon Barkley, Damien Williams, Austin Hooper, Jeff Wilson Jr., LeGarrette Blount, David Moore, Royce Freeman, Nelson Agholor, Jeff Driskel, O.J. Howard, Harrison Butker, Jay Ajayi, Baltimore, Buffalo

This keeper league will keep nines players and the rest goes into the draft pool. For more details and an invite email iwm09@yahoo.com The League is Play Hard ( Keeper League) (ID#5922


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