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I'm looking for long term value on my bench & who to cut. (1 Viewer)

Kittle Xpress

12 team redraft,  1 point per 15 yards,  .5 pt ppr

I currently have:

Chase Edmonds & Cam Akers on my bench.  Adrian Peterson & James White are available.  Who has the best long term value?  Cam Akers isn't doing anything, but he was injured & a lot of people were high on him at the beginning of the season, so I'm apprehensive about cutting him.  Peterson has been serviceable, but D'Andre Swift just had a break out game & Kerryon Johnson is still in the mix.  James White makes me nervous because Belichick switches running backs on a whim & guys go from first string to obscurity.

At WR I have M. Gallup, Diontae Johnson, & Henry Ruggs on my bench.  Sterling Shepard just came off IR so I need to cut a WR.  Who has the best value over the rest of the season?

Don't drop Chase, Drake may be out some time for injury, watch for news.  I would cut Shepard or Gallup as far as your receivers if you need to cut one.

dont cut Shepard when he plays he is the giants #1 reciver. Gallup is very dropable and who are your starting running backs before you drop anyone.


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