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I'm starting ________ over T. Owens (1 Viewer)

I'm Rick James

Brad Johnson looked pretty crusty against a re-energized St. Louis team. I still have to think that Tampa Bay will be tougher on BJ.

I've lived by the mantra "start your studs" but I'm starting to reconsider.

Chime in:

I'm starting __________ over T. Owens


I own TO in two leagues.

I'm starting DeSean Jackson over T. Owens

I'm starting Kitchen Sink over T. Owens

I think Dallas will defeat Tampa Bay pretty handily. I wouldn't bench any Cowboys you'd normally start. The Buccaneers aren't the same team on the road, and Brad Johnson would love to defeat his old team. I think a commitment to the run gets the job done for Dallas.


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