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I'm Starting ______________ ahead of Andre Johnson (1 Viewer)

Drafted A Johnson and Roddy White as WRs 1 & 2, Week 4 I'm starting S Hill and E Royal over them :violin:

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I don't think I'll decide until a minute before kickoff, but if I put anyone in for him, it'll have to be Marlon Brown. He's the only WR of the three on my bench that has a favorable matchup.

PPR Start 2WR and 1 WR/TE flex.

Starting Calvin, Demaryius, and Julius Thomas ahead of AJ this week (minor injuries + Sherman)

Andre Johnson (probable, shin) confirmed Friday he will start in Week 4 against the Seahawks.
"I was able to improve a lot in practice (Thursday)," Johnson said. "Before that, I wasn’t sure, but practicing seemed to help it (bruise) a lot. I’m doing a whole lot better. I’ll be ready to go." Consider Johnson a high-end to mid-range WR2 against the Seahawks' physical secondary at Reliant Stadium.
Steve Smith's on bye.

Miles Austin is out.

I'm starting Andre Johnson and Roddy White because I have to.

Rule #1 - Do not bench your studs if they play

Rule #2 - Please see Rule #1

Rule #3 - You are not in the fantasy playoffs because you ignored Rule #1 and Rule #2

Considering MJD or Marlon Browm in flex with Marshal and Gordon in WR.

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Looks like Andre's going to play. I still can't bench the guy. He's a target monster.
You don't get points for targets :shrug:

Andre Johnson
Most targeted player through 2 weeks. Seemingly minor injury toward end of game when it was out of hand. This week was disappointing, but, so was Calvin in week 1. I wouldn't panic on AJ yet.
We don't get points for targets. No scores through 3 games.
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