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I'm starting J.T. O'Sullivan over... (1 Viewer)

Well for me it isn't much of a risk starting O'Sullivan. I have Palmer and I'll be happy with just 5 points right now from my QB spot. I would've been 2-0 but I'm 1-1 now so whatever. O'Sullivan has been efficient in his 2 games though.

Waiver wire pick up last night. I am starting him over Jason Campbell. I think Martz is going to have a field day of revenge on the Lions. I will take Martz over the lioness's every chance I get. The Lions are the NFL's pop warner! :)

I have Warner, Kitna, Big Ben, and JT in a 2 QB league. This week I'm staring Kitna and JT, and hoping for a shootout in SF.

if ever there were a week to start him, this would be it.

Martz going against his old team. wasn't O'Sullivan on the lions too?

This could be the game that puts him on the map. I traded him away last week and I regret the decision. He's only going to get better.

I also went revenge factor and I am starting him over Hasselbeck. JT is going to throw it 40+ times is my guess.

Do u people ever use the search function?
Can't u plp just skip over a thread without complaining about it?
If I can chime in, it's not just complaining for unless this is just a poorly disguised WDIS post, it makes more sense to add to an already existing thread on the exact same topic if you're actual goal is to further the discussion rather than starting from square one and see how this player is valued.
I would start Big Ben over J.T. too, even though the matchup is towards J.T.'s favor. You know what your going to get from Big Ben already.

I currently have him in over Kitna and Brees. However, I have until 12:59:59 seconds to over-analyze it sooooo


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