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I'm starting Jeremy Kerley over _________ (1 Viewer)


Starting Jeremy Kerley NYJ this week.

Looking good for 10-15 targets and will likely get garbage time yards.

Thinking 13 targets 9/79/1.

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Looks good.

Jeremy Kerley and Clyde Gates are expected to be the Jets Week 5 starting wideouts.

Santonio Holmes (hamstring) is out indefinitely and Stephen Hill (concussion) is not expected to receive medical clearance in time to suit up. That leaves rookie Geno Smith extremely short on weapons heading into a tough spot at Atlanta Monday night. Kerley was underrated as a go-to guy last year, leading the team with 56 catches and 827 yards to go with two touchdowns. Gates is a stone-handed speedster who has never turned the corner as a polished NFL receiver. Kerley is a desperation flex play in PPR formats, Gates is off the radar and Atlanta's D/ST is a fine start this week. Oct 2 - 8:40 AM
Source: ESPN New York

I don't own him, but he's a solid candidate for ww pick up of the week. With Holmes out and Hill hurting the stars have aligned for Monday night. :moneybag: Start with confidence

Started him tonight over Roddy White in a PPR league. Im already comfortable with the call regardless of how the 2nd half shakes out.

Yes, Picked up and started this guy with Antonio Brown on a bye and Austin out.

Guy was my highest WR this week and gave me the 142-140 win to stay undefeated.


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