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I'm starting Sproles over _________ (1 Viewer)

Over McFadden.....The toes (LT's and D-Mac's) will be huge factors in limiting these guys, at least for now, but possibly much longer.....Sproles and Bush could both be this year's versions of Graham and Grant of '07

I think I MIGHT start him over TJones or Bush....not sure though, but I have a weak opponent this weak so I probably dont gamble


Darren Sproles was a late addition to the Chargers' injury report Saturday. He is listed as probable with a hamstring injury.

The injury is very unlikely to sideline him against the Jets, but he's still worth checking on before Monday night's game. Sproles' long speed, explosive first step, and change-of-direction skills could pose matchup problems for a Jets defense that got a lot bulkier during the offseason.

starting him over Chad Ocho Cinco... and i guess Chester Taylor. i just think ADP is going to get out there and play hard in order to turn their thang around 'sayin?


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