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I'm writing to Paul Tagliabue and Gene Upshaw (1 Viewer)


I had planned on emailing both of them, but apparently Mr. Tagliabue and the NFL would prefer not to receive questions and comments from the fans. Apparently they do not care what you and I think. It appears that at one time they posted a general email address and it was also possible to get an email address for Mr. Tagliabue. But they have changed those emails and do not offer anything but an email address where you can ask questions about NFL.com. There is an email address for the Executive Offices of the NFLPA though. So I think I will be emailing Mr. Upshaw at that address and mailing a letter to Mr. Tagliabue as follows:

Dear Mr. Tagliabue and Mr. Upshaw:I am among the group of fans that you would probably characterize as part of your core viewing audience. If I am watching the NFL on tv I watch every game that is televised locally. If I go to the game I still will usually watch the Sunday night and Monday night games on tv as well. I purchase team paraphenalia. I have also participated in fantasy football leagues for over 10 years now, including paying large league hosting fees to websites that pay licensing fees to the NFL. In short, I am a fan that devotes significant time and money enjoying the product that the NFL and its players provide.It is with great disappointment that I have read that we are but days away from the Collective Bargaining Agreement expiring without much progress being made. As a fan I understand that both sides must do what is best for themselves. I fully understand that there are many complex issues and tremendous dollar amounts involved. I do not envy the positions that either of you are in. However, I find it amazing to believe that there have been ongoing negotiations between the owners and between the owners and the players for a year with no progress. This seems to be negligent at best.I feel that it is important that you understand my bargaining stance as well though. For in the end, these are agreements on how to split up the money that I am providing to you through ticket and merchandise sales, through ad revenue, and through licensing fees. Perhaps you have forgotten my role in this bargaining agreement. If my desires are not met you will no longer need to worry about how to split up my money because I will not be providing you with that money. My desires are fairly simple. I do not wish to support a league that has no salary cap. One needs to only look at the disparities between teams in Major League Baseball to understand that this would be an untenable situation in the NFL. Since the implementation of the salary cap, the NFL has flourished. The salary cap puts the focus on good management and team chemistry rather than deep pockets. More than any other sport, every fan goes into the season believing that this could be their year. I also do not wish to support a league where a lockout or strike occurs. So far I have heard no talk of either situation and that heartens me. It would be a tremendous mistake to allow that to happen.Even though there has been a lot of strong talk, I trust that a deal will be agreed upon soon. I sincerely hope that the rumors of talks completely breaking off are unfounded. It would truly be a mistake to allow this agreement to expire and abandon the CBA entirely. If 2007 is to be an uncapped year, you can be sure that 2006 will be the last season that I provide the NFL with any of my hard earned dollars until the situation is resolved.Sincerely, :bag:
Mr. Upshaw's email address is: nflpaexecutivedept@nflplayers.comand Paul Tagliabue's mailing address is:National Football League280 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10017I would encourage other fans to write to them as well and let them know how you feel.

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