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In a Dynasty League, given these probable outcomes (1 Viewer)

Given the following very likely possible outcomes, which would you take?

  • Matt Leinart on the Houston Texans

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  • Matt Leinart on the New Orleans Saints

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  • Matt Leinart on the Tennessee Titans

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  • Vince Young on the Houston Texans

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  • Vince Young on the New Orleans Saints

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  • Vince Young on the Tennessee Titans

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In a DYNASTY league, which of these choices is most appealing? Which, of the following possible outcomes, would you be happiest about if you were looking for a QB? And why?

Edit: I put out this poll because (at least in my opinion) the team that each of these guys lands on - could be the biggest factor of them all in terms of long term fantasy value. There has been so much talk about which of these two QBs guys would prefer (long term) on their fantasy teams. Leinart is more this...Young is more that. But in the end, I think the team they land on could be the single most important issue in choosing between these two.

Just my two cents.

But I am curious to see which everyone likes best in terms of dynasty fantasy potential.

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Leinart reunited with Chow could be gold for a number of years..... they have some nice young WR talent with Bennet , Roby, and Brandon Jones ?? (the rookie from OU) with a servicable running game and nice duo of TE's

To me, this is like the old addition by subtraction adage. First, I'm not a believer that Vince Young will be successful in his transition to NFL play, so he drops off my list. What some folks don't remember is that Leinart was not Norm Chow's choice to start at QB for the Trojans, so I'm skeptical to believe that there's this tremendous chemistry that would exude from a reunion. So that leaves NO and Houston. Houston would be fine except that there's already a #1 pick QB there to compete for time, so given what I know today, I'd choose New Orleans.

Leinart is a pretty standard type of QB, and will be a fantasy success or not depending almost entirely on where he ends up. He has the tools to put up Bulgerish numbers while succeeding in a Rams type system, or the tools to lead quietly and put up Roethlisbergerish numbers in a Steeler type system. I think he's got a better chance to succeed than Young, but he's like two dozen other pro QB's. He'll be as good as what's around him.

Young, even though I think it's less likely he'll succeed, should still be good for decent numbers if he ends up in a perfect spot. But also, even if he sucks, he may still be good for a Kordell like run where he is barely adequate under center, but still puts up good fantasy numbers owing to his will to take a pounding and run the ball in.

For me, I don't want the traditional QB on any one of the bottom feeder teams that are likely to draft these guys as my fantasy QB for at least the next few years. But I wouldn't mind a guy like Young who I see as a pretty strong candidate to suck but still run in 8-10 TD's because he doesn't have (or know how to use) any other weapons.

Young should get a chance, and is a very good candidate to be an average or better fantasy producer as soon as he starts. For a dynasty league, you want the guy who starts fast, as everybody will forget their draft positions in a few years, and their value then will only depend on what they've done for you lately.

If the question was who do I think will be the better NFL QB, it would be Leinart in a runaway.


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