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In my other league,Tight End question: PPR. 1.5 Knox or Trautman? Look below for rest! (1 Viewer)


I’m my other league, would you rather have Adam Trautman or Dawson Knox. PPR 1.5 per reception?  I have Cole Kmet and Logan Thomas and like having 3 TE's because they're hard to get. I have Trautman right now and would pickup Knox and drop Trautman.

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Not sure what you mean by "in my other league" but in a vacuum I'd take Trautman over Knox.  Knox is what he is at this point.  He'll end up with 400 yards and 3-4 TDs but they'll be random.  Trautman has the upside and is only in year 2 so still finding his way. 


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