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Since you can link your league with the FBG projections (including customizing the scoring system, players on your team and free agents), I think it would be a great option if we could have an option to receive a text if you've got an inactive player in your starting lineup. I have MyFantasyLeague for two of my leagues, and they actually have this option (which helped me today with Calvin Johnson). Is there a service out there that does this sort of thing? It probably will cost me a win in one of my leagues. We leave for church around 9 in the morning, and usually don't get home until after the games start (usually have lunch with family). And I don't want to be checking all of my starting lineups on my phone while I should be spending it with the fam.

You can import fantasy teams into a lot of apps now and they will notify you of things like this. Thuuz, Bleacher Report Team Stream and The Score are a few.


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