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Indianapolis at Tennessee (1 Viewer)

With the Colt's depleted secondary, I'm hoping for a breakout game from Kendall Wright.....finally. He'll break one or two of those short crossing routes and find the end zone at least once. :moneybag:

Looking forward to seeing Richardson. Haven't seen how bad he's been.

Colts are really hurt without Wayne.

Typical Thursday Night crapfest -- Luck has some late heroics in a 20-16 win

Nice to see the Colts picking up were they left off last week.

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Looking forward to seeing Richardson. Haven't seen how bad he's been.
You're in for a treat. I wish I could see this again for the first time.

there should be more material for the debate, not that one game will change minds much either way.

looking forward to seeing justin hunter and kendall wright, who could be the top two WRs in 2014... wright has been coming on, and hunter saw his snaps increase significantly in week ten.

Last week: 12 carries for 30 yards against the Jags.

This week: 8 carries for 70 yards against the Colts.

Sure, why not?

Is Indy really going to implode this badly? Looks like they could be out of a playoff spot soon if they don't get their #### together.


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