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Inside the 20 (salary cap, auctions) (1 Viewer)


Inside the 20 has 2 league openings: (Cost is $50)
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League Rules can be found here:

I20 is going on 13 years.  This dynasty league is the ultimate NFL simulation with a total of 32 teams.  This league is really 2 16-team leagues combined though.  Each conference has its own player pool meaning there's a Drew Brees in the AFC and there's a Drew Brees in the NFC.  The conferences are separate and only play each other in the Superbowl.  Not too many leagues start DT/DE and CB/S separately like we do making for realistic defensive lineups.  I20 even starts a punter! 
* 38 player rosters
* 10 player taxi squads

Starting Lineup and Scoring:
QB:  1.................5 pass td, -2 int, -1 sack, 0.5 comp, -0.5 inc
RB:  1.................0.2 rush att, 0.5 ppr
WR:  3.................1 ppr
TE:  1.................1.5 ppr
RB/WR/TE flex:  2......(But you can only start a max of 2 RBs)
K:  1
Punter:  1
DT:  1................1.8 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 3.5 pd
DE:  2................1.8 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 3.5 pd
LB:  2................1.2 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 1.5 pd
CB:  2................1.4 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 0.9 pd
S:  2.................1.4 solo, 5 sack, 3 ff, 4 int, 0.9 pd
DT/LB/CB/S flex:  2...(But you can only start a max of 2 President Trump, 3 CBs, 3 Safeties)

The starting lineups are deep with plenty of options with the flex positions.  The scoring is QB heavy with points for completions and 5 pt passing TDs.  Good offensive players carry teams for the most part.  The IDP scoring is balanced among the different positions.  The top IDPs are all about the big play.  The big hitter IDPs are able to get their name in the scoring leader board in this scoring system.  

This is a salary cap league.  At the end of each season, the top scorers from each team get a 10%, 20%, or 30% raise.  If a player's raised salary is too low then their salary jumps to $3, $4, or $5 depending on the player's position.  The salaries have been inputted for 2019 already, so you know.

Here are the ways players get their salaries:
1.) Rookie draft pick slots have set salaries (1.1 is $6, 1.3 is $5.50, any 4th rounder is $0.25)
2.) Each offseason we have auctions for the FAs available.  Teams are forced to cut players to get below the cap and we'll have a bidding war for them.  The winning auction # becomes the player's salary.  Each team is bidding with their salary cap space.  You'll want to go into the 1st offseason auction with as much cap space as possible.  A savvy owner is able to turn a team around real quick with some smart buys in these auctions.    
3.) During the season, I20 uses blind bid waivers each Wednesday night.  The highest blind bid # becomes the player's salary.  Each team is bidding their salary cap space.  So you want that new RB on the waiver wire, you'll have to outbid the rest of your league mates granted you have the salary cap space.  
4.) During the season, after the blind bidding on Wednesday, you're given a couple of first come, first serve waiver pickups each week.  These players are given a salary of $0.75

With a total of 32 teams, the payouts are spread around nicely with weekly high scorers, division winners, wildcard winners, playoff wins, and even a tournament for non-playoffs teams.  $450 to the championship winner.

Please email me at tecmoej@sbcglobal.net if you're interested.

Discount time, I will sell either of these franchises for $25.  The league is ready to start trading. 

Please email me at tecmoej@sbcglobal.net if you're interested.


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