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Interview with Texans DC (1 Viewer)


Caught an interview on the radio with the Texans new DC. Nothing amazing said, but I figured I'd pass on what I remembered.

When asked about the team's defensive alignment, he at first made it sound like primarily it would be a 4-3. But then he mentioned how he'd been using both in Miami and he felt it was harder for offenses to have to prepare for both. Later when he was talking about linebackers he was talking about different formations and it definitely sounded like he plans on using both.

Also he was asked about a cover 2 vs other defenses and I didn't really think he gave much of an indication of what to expect, other than they want to show a lot of base defense pre-snap and conceal what they are doing.

He was asked about linebackers and who would be the starters and dodged the question. But when they started talking about details of the LB responsibilities, he kept using Greenwood as the weak side LB (though the radio interviewers did bring his name up first). But in any event, it sounded to me like he's leaning that way, though the starter positions are up for grabs still.

He was asked about using a DT as an NT vs just having a left and right DT, and he said when they get on the field if someone emerges as being a better NT they would, but at the moment that doesn't look to be the case.

Here's their guys last year. I don't know who would play end. I know Babin, Orr, and I think Peek were DE's in college.. but Orr and Peek are not big enough. They will def. have to draft or get some in FA.

Greenwood, Morlon HOU LB 6-0 238

Polk, Dashon HOU LB 6-2 240 UFA

Orr, Shantee HOU LB 6-0 241

Peek, Antwan HOU LB 6-3 238

Babin, Jason HOU LB 6-2 259

Evans, Troy HOU LB 6-3 243 RFA

Wong, Kailee HOU LB 6-2 250

Anderson, Charlie HOU LB 6-4 243

Chamberlin, Frank HOU LB 6-1 238 UFA

Payne, Seth HOU DT 6-4 315 UFA

Smith, Robaire HOU DE 6-4 328

Walker, Gary HOU DE 6-2 305

Johnson, Travis HOU DE 6-3 305

Ioane, Junior HOU DT 6-4 320

Deloach, Jerry HOU DT 6-2 335

Malone, Alfred HOU DE 6-5 308

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“If it’s my choice, I’d like to put him at linebacker,” Holland said of Peek.

Holland = Linebackers Coach

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I wouldn't be surprised if Peek and Orr compete for Sam linebacker and Babin gets moved back to end for the 4-3.

By the way, what is Wong's status as far as his recovery? Is he going to be able to go next year or will he still be rehabbing into the season?


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