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Invisibles Quiz# 999 (1 Viewer)

Actually got 7 of 8 with no help. Kinda pissed about 6. No clue and I don’t think I ever got 8 of 8 before with no hints. Here’s the ones not above:

Iron Man

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hint for #2:

2. the next spoken line in this scene:  "I didn't kill my wife"

hint for #5:

5. the guy who's room she's in is watching on a streaming camera

hint for #6:

6. bunny, jesus and the dude

hint for #7:

7. the buggy has a huge tooth on it
Hints for 1,2,3,5,6 below


1. character shown is Cameron Powe


2. song to end the movie ... I'm Alright


3. the Hansen brother


5. cross dressing from a late comedian


6. squeeeeeeeeel
Love these blind movie guesses...  I hardly ever get more than 4 of the 8 .... 

Got a good laugh as #4 was an easy guess! on #999 

2, 3, 5 and 6 may have been the easiest 4 in one quiz that I can recall. I know we’ve gotten that many quickly just from knowing scenes but those were obvious shots from iconic movies.




in the end, he saw the money


should have taken the red pill


nickname for a stereo system back in the day
Got the first four.


Fairly recent war film


That's not my bag, baby!


I assume it's one of the Spiderman movies


Ang Lee best director movie that did not involve 2 gay cowboys


Brett Favvvvvvvvvvrrrree


sometimes you cling to a wall when you are not spiderman


super hero movie with goofy folks


there is a wood chipper involved in this movie


that motor cycle will soon be leaping over the fence

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Only know 2 and 3 at a quick glance.


henry hill


mark harmon as a teacher
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