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iPhone - EA Sports Live Scoring App (1 Viewer)


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So far so good.

I\'ve yet to use the program during games, but setup a dummy league account over at EA.

I\'m now ready to try it out this weekend. :unsure:

New from EA SPORTS - FREE iPhone Live Score Tracker!

iPhone and iPod touch users can now get Live Scores on the go!

Available for FREE through the iTunes App Store, iPhone Live Score Tracker is your ticket to viewing fantasy football matchups on the go!

-Exclusively for EA SPORTS Fantasy Football customers

-Up-to-the-minute scores from your leagues and teams

-Rotoworld News
Here are some screen shots I\'ve taken as well as a few from EA...Login Pages




Live Scoring



Some of it\'s functions..

Your FF Team\'s Live Scoring Page ..touch the player and get a detailed description ..then make a swipe gesture the frame flips over and shows you the player\'s Rotoworld news page.

It works for leagues and individual teams. By individual I mean you can do a dummy account like I did with a roster full of your players. When you log into your league live scoring page it will show every score of all league matchups and you can go in and out of every league game.

Pretty Snazzy. :lmao:

EDIT: whoops... meant to post this in the FFA
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