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IR slot choice (1 Viewer)


Redraft PPR league, start 2RB/3WR/flex. Got just the one IR spot in this league, where I'd stashed Williams post draft, then Mitchell goes down. Roster at RB/WR is:

Fournette, Montgomery, Mitchell, Dobbins, Hilliard, Warren, ZWhite
Kupp, Kirk, Cooks, Evans, Jameson

I am guessing that Mitchell will see the field and be fantasy relevant more quickly, but I'm not sure how often I'm ever going to use him assuming Dobbins shows up as decent soon, and could do with more WR depth given we need to start three. Could probably hold on the roster for now, but if you needed to IR one and cut the other, who do you pick?

Edit - Poll didn't save, choice is Eli Mitchell or Jameson Williams obv

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