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Irsay dooms the Colts' chances this weekend (1 Viewer)

Of course I have to face Peyton this week. He had that crap eating grin on his face when talking to the media about Irsay's comments. If he can keep it about 400 yds and 5tds I might still have a chance...After this all time embarassment of a game, Irsay will be going on an alcohol fueled Twitter tirade, I see it now.

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Irsay was interviewed on ESPN and tried to backpeddle. He said, "It's hard for me to see why anyone would think what I said was negative."

Very simply, he threw Peyton directly under the bus by implying that Peyton had underperformed and was less than a total success in Indy because: (1) Peyton only won one SuperBowl ring with the Colts, and (2) Peyton's overall playoff record (losing in first game 7 out of 11 playoff appearances, etc.) was poor.

Being petty and unappreciative is not rare for Irsay. But he said in a very public setting (and before Peyton's first game return to Indy) what a lot of other people believe about Peyton. Namely, he puts up tons of statistics -- but he doesn't perform well and loses most of the biggest games in the playoffs.

It gets back to the discussion of where Peyton fits in the list of Greatest of all time QBs. Cris Carter said it well on ESPN a couple weeks ago, commenting on Peyton's gaudy statistics, but taking a good shot at him for not leading his team to victories in most of the biggest games.

No matter how good your career statistics are, any QB (in the SB era) without multiple SB rings is not going to rank in the top 5 of GOAT discussions. But Joe Montana will always be there.

It's obvious who the truly clutch performers are -- the QBs with ice water in their veins who are great leaders and win the biggest games.

Peyton has a great opportunity this year to win the SB and quiet his critics and solidify his place among the greatest QBs of all time. I hope he does. But if he doesn't win another SB, nothing else will matter -- no matter how many TDs he throws or how many miles of passing yardage he accumulates. In that respect, Irsay was correct -- and there's a lot of other people who agree with him.

His comments have certainly put a HUGE expectation on Luck. As if the expectations weren't already high, that guy has a giant burden to carry for his career now.

Peyton Super Bowl rings = 1, Andrew Luck = 0 (tied with Dan Marino)... not as big a gap as one might think. :P

Irsay was speaking the truth though. It isn't like he's the only one thinking it.

The biggest problem I see this year for Denver is that it will be cold as hell (and probably windy) for the SB since it is in NYC.....good luck trying to win by throwing the ball around in those conditions. It is well documented that Peyton stinks when the weather gets nasty. This was one of the main reasons the Balt D shut Peyton in the playoffs last year. Also the refs allow more man to man holding by DBs in the playoffs and that will be the tactic every team uses when it is cold and windy.

Was this before or after the decision was made to have what will be the most awkward "appreciation ceremony" know to sports?

Honestly, this may be the first time I actually watch the pregame (or halftime, if that's when it happens) show in a long, long time.

I think it'd be funny if they played videos of Peyton throwing interceptions and getting hit on the Jumbotron for intimidation


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