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Is Cowart Over-rated? (1 Viewer)


I am in an IDP league, and have been terribly disappointed in three of my "top" rated players .... I have Sam Cowart (MIN) Patrick Kerney(ATL) and Thomas Davis(CAR) and between the three of them they have scored a total of 23.5 points... I also have Andra Davis who alone has scored 23.5 pts. so far... What it comes down to is, I have to get rid of one of these guys and am considering dumping all three as there are some free agents in my league who have already put up better numbers, especially with regard to Kerney, as he is my only lineman. DO I try to trade on their names or send them to waivers?Who do you guys think I should hold on to? Should I dump all three and get a new lineman?the rest of my defense:LB Andra Davis and Mike PetersonDB M. Boulware and T. Polamalu we have a 5 man D....

Cowart is dumpable, but only if there are good options on the waiver wire.DO NOT get rid of Patrick Kerney - especially if you have to start a DL. That would be a huge mistake.Thomas Davis is worth keeping just because he's a rookie and learning as he goes. Once it clicks for him, he could produce stats similar to Mike Minter in his hey-day.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Cowart is/was considered a Top-15 LB entering the season. He gets yanked on 3rd-downs and is old.Cowart is Earl Holmes.

I'd have no problem dumping Cowart. Keep Kerney for sure.As for Davis, you might consider dumping him if it's a redraft league. If it's a dynasty, here's my post about Davis in another thread...If you're in a dynasty league, be very patient with this guy. I haven't given up on him for this season, but I'm definitely looking forward to having this guy on my roster for the next few years. Take a look at these numbers from another highly touted rookie strong safetly in 2003:16 games - 30 solos - 8 assists - 2 sacks - 0 int - 4 passes defendedThat's Troy Polamalu's rookie year. In year two he looked like this:16 games - 67 solos - 29 assists - 1 sack - 5 int (1 td) - 10 passes defendedDavis is a physical freak, he just needs to develop. Dynasty leaguers, don't give up on him yet!


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