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Is Garcon a risk to sit out the game? Or is he good to go? (1 Viewer)

Johnny Blood

Garcon seemed quite hurt last week. He's not on the injury report, but could Shanahan be playing games? Anything fishy going on?

He will play. If a player doesn't play after not being on the injury report, there would be heavy fines.

He participated fully all week in practice.

The 49ers are down a corner, which will help at least a bit.

Garcon is having a great season. Play him if you got him.

Will SF focus on taking Garcon out of the game? This is what concerns me more...
That's true of any #1 receiver. Garcon has been great at taking short passes, making people miss and turning them into long gains. Unless you are loaded at WR, you have to start him.

I have Larry Fitz taking his spot. I can already picture me throwing the remote when he breaks a long bugle screen for a TD.


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