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Is it safe to cut Rhodes? (1 Viewer)


With Indy having nothing to gain I'm assuming Rhodes only gets a handful of snaps next week. Am I missing anything? Is it safe to cut him and find another option for week 17?

Note: 12 team league....very small rosters (1 backup per position).

Not an Indy homer, but wouldn't they be resting Addai and playing Rhodes?
Not to get into the whole "Who's better?" discussion but with Addai still injured, the Colts can't afford to have Rhodes suffer an injury. He's too important right now. So my guess is he will sit next week and I think it's pretty much a lock that Addai sits as well.I'd expect to see a lot of Chad Simpson against the Titans.
I believe it is safe to release Rhodes for week 17.

Dungy isn't going to play Addai or him for very long...if at all.

Simpson and Davenport will get the carries against the Titans.


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