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Is Laveranues Coles a GTD? (wk 14) (1 Viewer)


This was posted on Rtsports.com player news:

Dan Leberfeld, of Jets Confidential, reports New York Jets WR Laveranues Coles (leg) appears to have had a setback and is questionable for the team's Week 14 game. Coles was limited in practice Friday, Dec. 5, and will be a game-time decision. He had his left upper leg wrapped.

I haven't seen information on other websites that mention this "set back" and GTD. Anyone know if it is valid?

This is the only thing I saw on that site:

It appears Jets receiver Laveranues Coles had a bit of a setback with his thigh injury, but he should still be able to play Week 14. He had his leg wrapped after practice Friday. He is listed as questionable. We would keep an eye on the inactives before putting Coles in your lineup. But remember, he has battled a similar injury much of the last few weeks and played, so Coles seems likely to play.

Nothing about GTD... :towelwave:

This guy is either the toughest SOB in the league or the most fragile player. I've had him on one of my dynasty teams for the past 3 seasons and it seems like he's limited in practice every week.


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