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Is the Mario Williams pick tax deductible? (1 Viewer)


With the signing of Mario Williams, the City of Houston may have trumped itself in its aid of the City of New Orleans following the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Sure, sending thousands of busses to transport evacuees and allowing tens of thousands to stay in their city, including occupation of the Astrodome, was a nice gesture. But does any of this top the gift of Reggie Bush? I'm not sure, but it is close.

Even if the Saints do not take Reggie, they will more than likely accumulate additional draft picks while still taking the person they had originally slotted for the second pick overall. Keep in mind, that by moving down from two to where ever will also save them a considerable amount of money. What we have here is a donation of epic proportion, at least from a sports point of view.

My condolences to the fans of the Texans. However, if there is one city in this country that deserved a break like this, it is New Orleans. Although it does not even register on the grand scheme of importance, I hope it provides a nice temporary diversion to the many fans that have suffered over the last year.

Congratulations New Orleans. Make the most out of this opportunity and let the Reggie Bush auction begin.


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