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Is there a good list of "2nd half season" players? (1 Viewer)

I've been slacking with my research this year. Every year there seems to be a handful of guys that are expected to miss the first X games of the season either due to suspension or recovering from injury. While nobody can say for sure if the player will be 100% when recovering from injury, it is still nice to know which players drop in the rankings due to their overall fantasy points total for the season being down due to these missed games.

I'd like to be aware of players that are still expected to put up an above-average to high fantasy points per game average when they are back playing at 100% since those players can be bought at a discount and outperform similar players that have lower per game averages across 16 games but get ranked higher by FBG due to accumulating more fantasy points over the course of the season.


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