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Is this the best time of year for fantasy football? (1 Viewer)

Hairy Snowman

Two days before the first kickoff. Most of the leagues are drafted. Today, everyone has a winning team. The smack talk is rampant. The ridiculous projections and poker of trade talks have started.   

And then the games begin. 

Fantasy Football is like Christmas every week, only a warped Christmas where you consistently hope that 11 of your best friends (or total strangers) get coal in all of their stockings while you get candy.

Because, now comes the work. The injuries and player pickups. The meat of competing. 

But today, everyone has the glow of unblemished records.  

How excited are you for this season? Aside from winning Championships, is there any better time of year for fantasy football fans?  

I like this time - my teams look unbeatable to me on paper, and the reality that they don't keep the scoreboard ticking over hasn't eventuated yet. All my fliers are going to hit as well.

I do love this time of year. Summer is cooling a least a tad, we've got some sports kicking into gears, and my personal favorite hobby and online center du entertainment is coming back into full swing. 

Nothing bad about it.  

Anticipation is so thick you can cut it with a knife! 

Let LeVeon Bell be a reminder - its all downhill from here boys (and ladies)!

Man plans and God laughs. May the swiftest succeed! 

Good luck in all of your leagues everyone! Except the ones you play me in. 

Sure this time of the year/season is great but I've had pretty good luck with already-good teams and there's nothing like the playoffs in December where it's win or go home.

Good Iuck everyone 

except for FDAS, nobody likes you 

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My team doesn’t even look that great on paper this year so I’m just hoping to get by on the waiver wire and luck.

Good luck everybody!


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