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It's Convergence Day at Master's, Email Drafts Galore (1 Viewer)


Once a year our early email and email drafts converge, Early email drafts run from March till July 31st and Regular email drafts start August 1st....Today and tomorrow they will get all mixed together as the early email drafts end and the regular email drafts begin, over the next 2 days we anticipate starting 13 email drafts...in the Tin($39), Copper($65), Bronze ($118), Silver ($276), Gold ($544) and Platinum ($1,079) divisions...additionally, The Tin ($80), Copper ($131) and Bronze ($236) Dynasty** are in the same situation....as their are multiple email drafts full or almost full ready to start and all of the early drafts are also full or almost full and we should be starting a minimum of 2 in each division over the next 2 days.

Our email draft generally take 3-5 days to complete, the clock is set to 8 hrs the first 2 days and 6 hrs after that with a 2 hr pause overnight when the clock doesn't run.

As always we are running a minimum of 5 live drafts a night as well...we have already run 24 live drafts this week

All leagues are 12 team, H2H, PPR, with Blind Bidding.

**All Standard Master's Dynasty Leagues are paid 1 year in advance, meaning you pay year 1 and year 2 upfront...if you are not 100% committed please do not join.

Email Draft League Rules - http://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/rules_emaildraft.php

Live Draft League Rules/Schedule - http://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/rules_livedraft.php

Dynasty Rules/Schedule - http://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/rules_dynasty.php

Homepage - http://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/index.php


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