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Its never too late (1 Viewer)


18 man rosters - No Limits (1 required at each position)

Starters 9 - 1qb, 1rb,1wr, 1te, 3 flex (rb,wr,te), 1k & 1def

100% payout - and fee's will be thru SportsVault

Looking to draft Tuesday/Wednesday night 7pm est. 1.5min draft clock.

Playing week 5-14 regular season. Top 2 in each Divison make Playoffs(4)

All Trades will be Voted on...Why??? Because I will be participating in this league,lol...So put your big boy pants on & lets have some fun..

Tell your friends, and if I have too I'll make another league.


(-)League Fee's

$125 Top Points Winner

$100 each Playoff Team(4)

Champ get additional $250

email me at : thetdking@gmail.com


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