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Jacksonville vs. Tampa (1 Viewer)

HORRIBLE coaching decision to not get the three points by Del Rio. There is a direct correlation between coaching ability and record in this case.

Jimmy sure did come to play...as long as Taylor doesn't go balistic, I'm happy.55 pt lead w/ tampa def/spc going against taylor & pennington playing for the bye in our playoffs.go Tampa'Ooh, rookie mistake on the grounding call.

Gruden play calling is the death of the Bucs...run - run - put QB in impossible 3rd down conversion situation and punt.......or in this case BJ gets picked off. Tampa starts every game trailing due to horrible play calling and then they turn Johnson lose and take the lead in the second half. Then they get conservative again and try to hang on...happens every week.

Anyone know where Jurevivius is? Last injury report I got said prob. Not that I am complaining, he is started against me! :thumbup:

1-10-JAC 45 (3:49) F.Taylor up the middle to TB 46 for 9 yards (D.Brooks).

2-1-TB 46 (3:10) F.Taylor up the middle to TB 40 for 6 yards (D.Brooks, S.Rice).

There ya go Freddy. That's where you need to run it. :thumbup:

Just my 2 cents, but it's genuine shame that Tampa could be playing meaningful games in weeks 14-17 against one of the easiest schedules ever w/o an actual RB. They both look pretty bad and it would be tough to start either with one's playoff life one the line.

real foggy, jags halftime show with fireworksalot of sunday night games are like thisi like how leftwhich is attempting to throw to taylor but not good

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